Descendants of George & Mary Whitworth; London, England, about 1740


79 Hilda Lunn-20's Reel-to-Reel Letter to Peggy Robinson-2
Hilda sent this recording in 1969 after her daughter Peggy and her family emigrated from England to New Zealand. Crisp recording (except children’s radio extracts).
  1. Hello Folks.mp4 (4.8 MiB, 05:08): Thanks for cheque, arranging trip to New Zealand, call from Peggy, sleeping in single beds, recovered from Asian flu (including Mick), the weather and garden, day trip to Bognor, visit to Jack & Ethel.
  2. Easter Parcel.mp4 (2.6 MiB, 02:45): Easter parcel to doctor and master Robinson, end-of-term ‘do’, towels on boat query, intro to children’s music.
  3. Children’s Music.mp4 (1.8 MiB, 01:56): Hilda included these three tracks from the radio to entertain her grandchildren. Here for completeness.
  4. Children’s Story.mp4 (5.7 MiB, 06:04)
  5. Children’s Story 2.mp4 (3.6 MiB, 03:50)
  6. Days Have Gone by.mp4 (5 MiB, 05:20): Days have gone by, Chunky’s died, moving from Dawney’s Hill, been to coast, to visit Hastings, Mick’s stripping down dad’s A40 car, dad’s got throat infection and one term to go, organising closing down gathering, visiting Kay & George + Steve (with 1½ teeth), mortgages to 8½%
  7. George Awarded Cup.mp4 (4.6 MiB, 04:54): Kay & George looking at housing options, George wins cup, bye for now, music.
197 Jim Robinson-18’s Interview with Arthur Whitworth-71.mp4 (10.8 MiB, 11:35)
About 1995. Muffled recording.