Web Showcase

I’ve been using the Internet since its early days in New Zealand, and my personal home page/site (you’re viewing it now) has been on the web since 1995.

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I’m a strong supporter for following the W3C web standards; and while I utilise some features only supported in the more recent browsers, I always ensure the content of the page is still readable in older browsers.

This page showcases some of the sites I’ve published. To see the whole site click on the picture.


Screen snapshot of the online ACC Injury Statistics publication

While on a SAS programming contract at the ACC they utilised my web skills to move their annual Injury Statistics manual to the Internet. This is an 150 page printed book which consists of tables and graphs of injury sites, locations, claimant age, etc., and accompanying text.

With design help and business knowledge from team members I planned and wrote a SAS program to summarise and present information from the ACC data warehouse. The program generates data for both the printed and electronic copies: The data for the printed copy is directly imported by the graphic designers, while the electronic copy is web-ready. The program was designed to be reusable and was indeed utilised for the most recent publication with only minor changes.

Sustainable Wellington Net (SWN)

Screen snapshot of the Sustainable Wellington Net web site

I became involved in Sustainable Wellington soon after its inception. Preliminary web design work had been carried out and I filled the newly created position of webmaster. My voluntary contribution has included designing the look and feel of the site, writing the HTML, finding material, maintaining the database behind the links, generating PDF files, running the mailing lists, and more.

Originally designed in 1999 and the last major update was in 2003—so it’s looking dated now. We often received feedback about both its easy navigation and usability in older browsers / slower connections.


Screen snapshot of the GAIN web site

The Transmission Gully and Information Network site was (almost) a one-off project in 2000 to give the group some Internet coverage. The work was voluntary (I don’t believe building motorways solves congestion), and involved everything from sourcing the information, tidying it up, formatting it for the web, site design and creation, liaising with the WCC and Domainz, and testing.