FileMaker Showcase

FileMaker Pro is a cross platform database application known for its combination of power and ease of use.

Tom Robinson, trading as Kōwhai Computing, is based in Wellington, New Zealand, and I’ve been fulfilling clients needs with FileMaker solutions since 1997. This page showcases a few of the FileMaker systems I’ve written. I also provide ad-hoc consulting and help when do-it-yourselfers get stuck.

101 Kiwi Kidsongs

Screen snapshot of 101 Kiwi KidsongsLearning Media Limited developed this classroom resource for the Ministry of Education in 2007, and I was brought in for the FileMaker programming. It’s a searchable DVD-ROM of 101 songs chosen from Kiwi Kidsongs 1–15. Designed for students in years 1–8, 4,500 copies were made for schools around the country.

Please note I can’t provide direct support or sales for this product, you need to contact Ministry of Education publications.

Bookings System

Screen snapshot of the Bookings SystemMy client has been running this customer relationship management system under Windows since 1997. The Bookings System manages training courses around the country; and tracks brokers, courses, lecturers, customers, and their enrolments. It generates letters, invoices, and certificates; and exports financial data to MoneyWorks.

Parts & Workshop System

Screen snapshot of the Parts & Workshop SystemThis system tracks car part sales, including part & customer history and stock/non-stock. Files from external part vendors are integrated so an overview of both their information and all available pricing is viewable on a single screen.

When the parts manager left his previous employer, where I’d built a FileMaker system, to set up his own business in early 2000, he liked the system so much we installed a similar one and expanded it to cover workshop jobs and customers’ accounts.